The Nutrition Hierarchy for Body Composition Change

May 10, 2020 | Goals

Confused about where to start with your nutrition? ?
The Nutrition Hierarchy for Body Composition Change will dispel some diet myths. ?

Many of us are trying to get rid of a bit of jiggle around the middle right?
Now what is fat? Fat is stored energy on the body.

Eat more energy than you burn and you’ll gain weight.
Eat less energy than you burn and you’ll lose weight.
Match your energy in with out and you’ll maintain weight.

When it comes to nutrition for body composition change you must get to know energy balance in order to reach your goals.

Whether looking to get leaner or build muscle – protein is crucial to your success.
You see, calories impact how much you weigh but protein will greatly impact what that weight is made from.

It really doesn’t matter if you eat carbs or fats.
Refer to Calories In vs. Out @ Point 1.
Use carbs and fats to follow your Calories and Protein targets.

Feel better with fats and/or and can hit your targets in 1 & 2 – then do that.
If you feel hungry when you eat higher carbs than you’ll likely over consume calories.
If you feel tired or perform worse when you don’t eat carbs – then eat them.
**If you’re always hungry when eating carbs it’s likely you may need to increase insulin sensitivity – our dietitian will happy to help you.

Vital to our health and optimal function.
Whole foods we help get a wide array of micronutrients.
If we don’t hit our daily needs it’s impossible to perform optimally and you’ll notice cravings. Making very hard to follow point 1 above.☝#trending

No matter what time of day you eat, if you eat in a calorie surplus you will gain weight, if you eat in a deficit you will lose weight.
Focus on what timing works for you to feel your best and find it the easiest to follow your calorie and protein goals. — DO what makes you feel your best.
If you eat more than you burn you’ll gain weight, eat less than you burn and you’ll lose weight.

Focus on monitoring how foods effect you.
Do you feel full or hungry after certain foods?
Then make selections accordingly.

Nothing profound.
It’s just nutrition minus the B/S.