The Fundamentals of Body Composition Change

May 7, 2020 | Mindset

How many of us exercise cos we want to get leaner?
Heck, I’d say most of society wouldn’t mind a little less jiggle around the middle.

Now consider, how many:
Train 4-7 times per week but aren’t at their ideal physique? ?
Feel the need to workout, but don’t have enough time for adequate sleep or food prep?
Justify what they eat with what they’ll burn off through exercise? ? You see.
Exercise is only part of the calorie equation when aiming to achieve an energy deficit.

With that said, when it comes to getting leaner there are 3 main considerations:
1. Training
2. Nutrition
3. Lifestyle

For many, when looking to improve body composition, or optimising performance will implement Training, but often neglect Nutrition and Lifestyle.

This unfortunately sees them not getting the results they could or should for their training efforts.

You see, exercise is the tip of the iceberg.
Yes, it’s the first thing you see, but we’re only seeing a small part, of what is likely a bigger problem if you’re struggling to see results.

Here’s why:
You need an energy deficit to lose fat or weight.

It’s simple maths right?
Less Calories In VS. More Calories Out = Weight Loss
#QuickMath ?

To expand on this:
The most effective way to impact your weight is through nutrition and lifestyle, not training.
Put it this way, you can consume calories way faster then you can ever burn them. ? Example.
Banana Bread = 600 Calories VS 60 Minutes Running.

You simply can’t out exercise a bad diet.?‍♀️? Now, that’s not to say training isn’t important!
For many training is a cornerstone habit, somewhat of a catalyst.
It’s a great starting point to build positive habits because of it’s impacts.
Often leading to better eating, confidence, mood etc, but far too many leave it there.

No matter how many times you go to the gym, you’ll need a calorie deficit to shed fat and the most efficient way to do that will be to build on your lifestyle and nutrition habits.

Let me pose a question.
Would you prefer a bandaid for when you fall or to not fall at all? ✌??
– Chris