Strength Training Vs. Cardio

May 3, 2020 | Goals

When you go for a run or you jump on the treadmill for an hour, yes you’ll burn more calories for that session in isolation vs Strength training, but what about after the workout?

You may often be negating the effort you put into that session.?  Remember, we consume calories MUCH faster than we burn them.
So, if we think about that, why don’t we look at burning those calories beyond just our workout?

Research shows that overuse of cardio or any training for that matter reduces your bodies Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), thus resulting in less energy and lower motivation. Notice how after a bout of cardio you’ll move less, fidget less and even feel a little less frisky?

What this means is that excess cardio will often negatively impact your energy outside the gym, hindering your body from burning those extra calories.

So, why strength training?

Strength training allows you to build compound interest, this is going to help you burn calories not only in your session but outside your workout as well as into the future. This ultimately is going to allow you to regulate bodyweight and achieve a sustainable calorie target.

Side note, if you want to know about compound interest, Google it – then replace your investment with weights.?

Now I am not dissing cardio by any means. It’s a great side piece to your main course.
Strength training as your main combined with some cardio as dessert will produce more sustainable results and allow you to achieve that leaner, stronger rig you’ve been dreaming of.?

– Serge
The Iron Claw | Sensei of Strength