Quarantrain Reps

Apr 28, 2020 | Quarantrain

Love strength training? SAME!
Too many push ups? We feel ya!
Today is about pulling those shoulders back, engaging that core and targeting the legs from new angles.

Enlisting the help of a broom or jumper with a small step or big book to get us through. 

The good news: 
Muscles don’t count the weight you lift, that’s mostly for the ego.
Your muscles know the tension and force of contraction – that will be your focus today. 
Squeezing those muscles to create a contraction that would rival a weight loaded movement to get the most out of every rep! 

Today we’re gonna search for that deep burn within the muscle ?

For details on today’s workout, check out our IG where the video is broken down. OR follow along on our FB @lifehubau for the full video, which can be paused as needed.

This one’s to help bulletproof your body and find your strength!
Please let us know if you enjoyed this bad boy.

Keep sharing the love fam, we do this for you!!
Stay Strong ✌?