Quarantrain Day 5

Mar 27, 2020 | Quarantrain

We’re bringing it back like its 1998 #moloko.

You asked, we answered. AMRAP is back for y’all!
And goes without saying, this one is gonna make you laugh and cry as you push your body to the limit.

No equipment required whatsoever.

Targeting the core, glutes, legs and upper body.

Set the timer 4 minutes and alternate the movements (A, B) for As Many Round As Possible.

We’re got 4 x 4 minute AMRAPs and take 60-90 seconds rest between.

1A) 10 ES Side Hip Raise
1B) 10 Iso-Squat Reverse Lunge

2A) 10 Commandoes
2B) 10 Hollow Rock 

3A) 20 High Plank Reach Out
3B) 20 Curtsey Lunge 

4A) 20 Shoot Through
4B) 10 ES Exp. Split Squat

Let’s get it fam!! TAG US, share it, get your homies involved.

IMPORTANT NEWS: We’re going LIVE tomorrow morning @ 9.30am AEST (Melbourne).
It will be an EMOM workout and will be 35 minutes total including rest/talking shit time.