Quarantrain ? 300

Apr 14, 2020 | Quarantrain

Remember the 300 movie? They were shredded riiight?! 
Well, in typical Life Hub manner we’re gonna take it up a notch.
We’ve got Breeza with us to crush 3 x 300 Rep challenges.
Hitting the body from all angles with a little extra love for the core.?

For all the details head on over to our Instagram for a broken down version of the workout or as one whole video on FB @lifehubau which can be paused as needed.

BOOM!! It’s like that ya’ll and that’s the way it is!!

Be proud of yourself, taking the time to stay on and stay strong is incredible and we commend you for it.
We’re so grateful for you being here and a part of our amazing community. 

P.S. PLEASE help us spread them good vibes and get your friends involved. There is no us without YOU! 
Stay Strong fam! ✌??