Quarantrain ? Dumbbell

Apr 24, 2020 | Quarantrain

You know how much we LOVE strength training but we know you maybe limited on equipment right now.

Today… get ready to raise objects against the force of gravity, while chiselling that body from all angles using a single dumbbell as the weapon of choice.​

No dumbbell? No worries – We’ve got plenty of other bodyweight only Quarantrain workouts for you to join us for, perhaps review one of the older ones you may have missed (drop the mic ??).

For details on today’s workout, check out our IG where the video is broken down. OR follow along on our FB @lifehubau for the full video, which can be paused as needed.


In the making of today’s Quarantrain, hands and dumbbells were thoroughly sanitised prior, throughout and after filming ?