Quarantrain ⚡️Strength x HIIT 30:30:30

May 1, 2020 | Quarantrain

Let’s kickstart our weekend with a resistance band workout!
We are stepping it up it with our 30:30:30 workout.
We will be throwing some fundamental strength exercises and partnering them with some fiery explosive movements to really throw some Yang on your Yin ☯️

HOW TO: (30:30:30 = 30 Seconds A, 30 Seconds B, 30 Seconds rest)
We’ve got 5 Components with 2 Exercises (A, B) in each.
Start with Exercise “A” Strength for 30 seconds straight into “B” HIIT for 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest, complete 4 sets through.
Set your timer for 90 seconds x 4 for each Component.

Give yourselves just enough time to catch your breathe between each component.
This workout should take you 27-30 minutes.

A = Resistance band
B = Bodyweight

1A) Deadlift
1B) Plyo Lunge

2A) Overhead press
2B) Plyo In/Out Push up

3A) 1.25 Front Squat
3B) In/Out Squat Jump

4A) ISO Alternating Bent Over Row
4B) High Plank Burpee Scap Pull Back

5A) Anchored Oblique Rotation
5B) X-Climber

Guaranteed to make you feel fit and strong!
The video is broken down on our IG @lifehubau and as a full video on FB @lifehubau which can be paused as needed.

Stay Fit Squad!☝