Powerband ⚡ F️ollow Along

Jun 16, 2020 | Quarantrain

30 minute follow along workout with Coach Breeza taking you through a strength session for a booty & upper body pump! 💪🏼 Short, Sharp & Sweet in duration, but give yourself the challenge to tighten the strings (quite literally, AKA the band) move with intent & control to get the bang for your buck out of each rep.

3 Components (1,2,3).
3 Exercises within each component (A,B,C).
50 seconds ON / 10 seconds OFF.
3 Sets through.

1A Staggered Stance RDL R.
1B Staggered Stance RDL L.
1C Band Pull Aparts.

2A RB Alternating Cossack Squat.
2B 2B 1.5 Front Squat.
2C RB Single Arm Shoulder Press (25R/25L).

3A RB X-Lateral Steps.
3B RB X-Bent Over Row.
3C RB O/H Tricep Extension.

Save this workout & show us your dance moves as you give this one a nudge with Coach Breeza.