Max Rep Challenge

May 22, 2020 | Quarantrain

Beth Grimshaw & Serge Burgundy take you through a fiery bodyweight MAX rep challenge.

It’s a 27 minute workout where you’ll be challenged to complete set reps on your strength exercises and then complete as many burpees as you can for the remaining time! ?
There’s 4 components which will be 5 minutes each.
You will complete all of the exercises for reps until you get to the burpees in each component.
You will then start your burpees (Whichever version you’re up to) for the remainder on that clock.
Once that timer is done, you will rest for 2 minutes before you move onto your next component.
Set your timers for 4 x 5 minutes with 2 minutes rest/between.

1A. 50 Squats
1B. 50 Bicycles
1C. Max High Plank Burpee

2A. 25 Push Up
2B. 25 Y to W
2C. 25 Glute Bridge Crunch
2D. Max Rev Burpees

3A. 50 Alt Curtsey Lunges
3B. 50 Shoulder Taps
3C. Max Shoot Through Burpees

4A. 50 ALT Lateral Lunges
4B. 25 Side Hip Raise L
4C. 25 Side Hip Raise R
4D. Max CTF Burpee

REMEMBER! Smash out your reps in each component and then do as many burpees as you can for the remainder ?

Let us know how you go and make sure you give it everything you got!
We look forward to hearing how many burpees you did after each component.
As usual this video is broken down on our IG and as a full video on FB @lifehubau which can be paused as needed.
Stay Strong Fam ??