This is freedom

Create your best life with a transformation from the inside out.
Whether it’s to manage weight, lose fat, or gain lean muscle your program is tailored to crush your personal goals.

Change not just your body but most importantly how you feel: confident, strong, empowered and ready to take on life.


Tailored to your personal goals to manage weight,
lose fat or gain muscle.


Change how you feel with habits that are easily
sustained and built upon.


Build intuition and knowledge of exactly what
works for you.

life on your terms

It’s time to take control, to leave behind the fad diets and fitness crazes, to end mindless dieting and go beyond calories, macros and confusing numbers.
It’s about personal empowerment, it’s about creating choice, to let go of the frustrations and restrictions of the past while building a skillset you’ll have for life.

Some people see this as a way to transform their body, but for the thousands we’ve helped already – they know, like we do and you will, this is freedom.

Why kickstart?

There are too many restrictions, whether it’s paleo, keto, celery, fasting, low fat, low carb, juice, supplements – it’s exhausting. People are frustrated about what to do or who to believe.

Kickstart was created to help you achieve self mastery, to make the science of body composition change and performance simple and easy to follow.

We believe in the bigger picture, to help you find the remedy over the cure, to rip off the bandaid and know that you won’t fall again.

We believe in a world where you know:

  • The impact of your lifestyle and how you can optimise it.
  • How to simply look at food and understand how it effects you.
  • Training methods that positively effect your body and mind.

We’re here to help you build your intuition, to put on the training wheels as we build confidence to ride again.

Free from limitations and restrictions but build confidence and personal empowerment so you never have to diet again.

As seen in

We help

You get

The results

You deserve

Our Life Story

Since 2014, Life Hub have been regarded as leaders in the health & wellness industry and now proudly rated as Australia’s Number 1 independent fitness studio*.

Founded by Chris Cannon who’s personally lost 40 kilos, Life Hub was the place he wished was there to support him to get back on track.

All of this has been brought to the Life Hub approach, developed by Chris and a hand selected group of industry leading coaches, driven by science and proven with industry leading results.

*Rated Australia’s Most Outstanding Fitness Centre 2020, Victoria’s Most Reputable Fitness Centre 2019 & Melbourne’s Best Group Training Provider 2018 by Lux Life Magazine Fashion & Lifestyle Awards with readership of 238,000-strong circulation. With over 2000+ 4.9 star reviews with MindBody the ‘worlds largest global provider of online business management software for the beauty, health and wellness industry’.

Truly personalised

There is nothing generic, no fad diets or fitness crazes, just trialled and tested programs backed by science and results.

Life Hub’s 28 Day Kickstart Plan launched in 2017 and has been an on-going success with the thousands who’ve achieved their health, body composition and wellness goals. We continued to get feedback that they’d like the program to go longer, to gain more time working with us and to make this available to their loved ones that couldn’t make it to our studio.

Unlimited access

Bringing us here, where finally the Kickstart is online, available to you where ever you may be – to give you the tools, systems and support you need to master not just your body but your life.

We are here to inspire you, to impact with positive influence, empower you with choice, to be a catalyst in your self-development and connect you with everything you need to proceed.

We always say,

“your success is our success!”

We’ve helped thousands achieve amazing results and now it’s your turn. #SuccessStory

We are here to turn your dreams into goals and goals into reality.

We can’t wait to see what you achieve.

What’s included?

  • Tailored meal plan
  • Meal by meal feedback system 
  • Daily mindset practices
  • Weekly Planning & Reflection
  • Weekly Shopping List Creator
  • Weekly Check In
  • Weekly Nutrition Coaching
  • Weekly Lifestyle & Hormone Monitoring
  • Weekly Training & Nutrition Accountability
  • Ongoing chat support
  • Ongoing Results Tracking
  • Connection to Official Kickstart Community online group
  • Access to unlimited customised recipes and meal plans

More info

Change starts now

$199 Joining Fee | $39 Per Week

Subscriptions are for 4 week phases that auto-renew and can be cancelled with 7 days notice.