Kettlebell Sass Workout

Jun 27, 2020 | Quarantrain

Sassy but smooth with a two-part KB workout that will get you in an even better mood than a millennial on the first day of gyms opening 🤭.

Every 80 seconds complete 5 reps back to back of each exercise.
Rest remaining time of the 80 seconds.
Repeat 4 x rounds.

1A. 5 x Kang Squat.
1B. 5/5 x Walking Lunge Single Arm Each Side.
1C. 10 x Alt KB Swing Each Side.

Every Minute on the Minute complete 12 Reps.
This time, you have the entire minute to complete the ONE exercise.
Dual Kettlebell, please.

TEMPO 2010 = 2 second descend, 1 second ‘explode’.
Repeat 4 x Rounds.

2A. 12 x RDL.
2B. 12 x Push Press.
2C. 12 x Bent Over Row.

The first component is just under 6 minutes and the second in 12 minutes, do them separately or all together.

Set your timers.
Polish your kettlebells.
Pull up your socks.