It’s Not You, It’s The Diet

May 28, 2020 | Mindset

A bad diet is like a bad relationship.

It all seems great at the start.You both spend a lot of time together.You seem really committed to each other.You love their crazy quirks.

You feel like it all makes sense and you’re finally being understood.It feels easy and your motivation to make it work is strong. One week passes and you’re feeling really good about yourself. You’re so happy that you think this may be the one.You’re confidence is sky high.

But then, week 3 rolls around.

You’re getting a little bored of doing the same things all the time and you’re starting to feel quite restricted.Those quirks are starting to get annoying and don’t make sense.You feel like they never really knew you.

You even find yourself checking out other options. Even tempted by where you’ve been beforeYou can feel yourself slipping back into past habits. The honeymoon stage is definitely over.

This realisation makes you question what went wrong. You’re so frustrated because you’ve played the field. You know whats out there.You’ve had dates with keto, low carb, paleo and celery juice and none of them have worked out.

You start to blame yourself… because this was so good just a couple of weeks ago.Why am I self sabotaging?Why cant I just make this work?

Sound familiar?It’s not you, it’s the diet.

It was always going to be a quick fling. The diet was never meant to last. They never even listened and you realised that there was never really any mutual understanding.

Well, it’s time for a new relationship.One where you are in control.

You see, a good diet like any good relationship listens to you. They discuss what you really want and understand your goals.It’s a lasting relationship that only gets better with time. It’s an investment to become your best self.

We’ve all got different tastes, lifestyles, habits and aspirations. We’re all different and that needs to be respected.

Let’s stop seeking quick fixes or short flings and let’s build something lasting. Let’s build greater understanding of not only our diet but ourselves as it’s the best investment we’ll ever make.

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