How To Plan Your Training Week

May 20, 2020 | Mindset

Trying to stack on lean muscle? Or just want to fit into those damned jeans!?
You’ve probably heard the saying changing body composition is ’80% diet, 20% exercise’ but what does that exercise component look like for you?
Now, how can YOU structure your training week to meet your dream physique?
Keep in mind you don’t necessarily need to be a member of a gym to achieve results.
Cardio/conditioning can be done with little to no equipment at all.
Think sprints, burpees and bear crawls.

When it comes to strength training at home, investing in a single dumbbell, kettlebell or resistance bands can be incredibly effective but additionally your bodyweight can be more than enough to get you on the right track.

Let’s talk the minimal effective dose to get started.
We recommend training at least 3x per week to really see and feel the benefits, using roughly a 2:1 strength:conditioning ratio. This would look like 2 strength days + 1 conditioning day ensuring you’re getting adequate rest between training days.
If you have the time, experience and the gritty drive to throw in more training days, go for it. Remember to prioritise your strength training to shift your body composition through developing lean muscle in the body.
Always ensure that you are not compromising key aspects of your everyday life to cram in training sessions.
I.E. Listen to your body.

Noticing the following and you are programming correctly:
– Better and deeper sleep.
– Increased energy and mood.
– Quicker recovery.
– Feeling strong and capable.
– Improved body composition.
Noticing the following and you might be incorrectly managing your training schedule:
– Poor sleep patterns.
– Decreased mood and energy.
– Prolonged muscle recovery (>2 days) – Increased injuries

To optimise your results, partner this with well balanced nutrition and lifestyle habits… And witness the greatness.