Friday Flowday

Jun 5, 2020 | Quarantrain

Whats That? Yahuh, we did just say FRIDAY FLOWDAY!?
Scrub your floors as we are gettin’ down with a little flow with B1 & B2 that will get you feeling fruity.?
It’s all about slowing down and testing yourself to nail the movements during this two part flow series.

See our tempo?
Try to match it & avoid getting ahead of yourself.
No need to rush baby, we’re keeping it real over here.

4 x Rounds per exercise.
50s ON / 25s OFF.
Complete all 4 rounds of the exercise before moving on to the next.
Enjoy 60s rest between exercise transitions.

1. Glute Bridge > Hip Raise
2. Bound > CTF Burpee > Walk Back
3. Reverse Lunge > Squat > Alt Cossack > Reverse Lunge
4. Push Back > Shoot Through
Ready to give it a go?
Bring your A-game and switch your head on to have a bit of fun with this flow.