Friday Flowday #2

Jun 11, 2020 | Quarantrain

We’re back!
Another Friday Flow Day for your eyes to feast on.
Get your ninja-suit out of the closet and get into the mood for this fiery combo workout.

As always, take your time through the movements and focus on being as efficient and seamless through each rep.
Our tempo is the standard.
4 x Rounds per exercise.
50s ON / 25s OFF.

Complete all 4 rounds of the exercise before moving on to the next.
Enjoy 60s rest between exercise transitions.


  1. Push back > Burpee
  2. Kang Squat > Knees squat combo
  3. Push Up > 4 Point > Push up > Reverse it
  4. Side Lunge > Squat Jump

Got it?
It’s your turn!
Show us how you FLOW. Press record, get flowing and upload to the gram for people to be amazed at your #sickskills. Don’t forgot to tag @lifehubau 😉

Have some fun & show us how you flow!