Focus on Action, Not Results

Apr 7, 2020 | Mindset


What did you want to be?Walk on the moon, be an actor or artist.? I doubt it was all about a big house, shiny watch or fancy car.Those luxuries you can get when you become ‘that’ person but probably wasn’t our focus.?

Needless to say Corona really rocked the boat with my business.All are usual income switched off over night – like the rest of the fitness industry.It was really interesting what came up for me.

Not anger or resent but FREEDOM.

Some where along the way many of us build expectations of things we should have.

After all, too many businesses benefit from our desire for sh*t we really don’t need.

It can take us away from what’s really important to us.

Don’t get me wrong a growing business is nice but what’s more important is the freedom I have to choose – who I can be and what I can contribute to my community.

After all, fancy sh*t or not – I know that’s all the little boy inside me really wants.

Thanks for being HERE.?