Feeling Stressed? Try This

Apr 2, 2020 | Mindset

Grab your phone and put it to your nose, now try read the time.

Notice how as you zoom in everything goes blurry.

Now, pull the phone away and notice how you can now read the time, not only that but all the details around it.

Now, you are able to see everything on your phone but you also gain a fresh perspective of everything around and ahead of the phone in front of you.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”, Albert Einstein is probably the most quoted man of this century. 

When anxiety builds stress can impact our perspective, we can try harder or force action but the problem may not be the issue but instead our current thinking, our emotion, our state.

EXAMPLE: Ever been stuck on a problem all day only to jump in the shower only to notice a solution pop to your mind. You weren’t even trying any more but the problem had now disappeared and the idea unfolded allowing you to know the steps forward.While in the shower your thinking changed in turn your state and emotion, you let go of the frustration and created a new perspective that allowed you to see past the problem and in turn find your answer.

NERD ALERT: Our prefrontal cortex known as the most evolved part of our brain is impaired during times of stress. As stress aka cortisol increases, blood leaves this frontal area and goes further back in our brain to less evolved more primitive areas that don’t allow us the full power of our highest cognitive abilities. 

TIP: When you find yourself stuck on a problem, feel stress and/or unclear – first step is to give yourself a tap on the back, some credit for having the awareness to recognise you’re in this state, this is the hardest and most important part.Now stop trying to work on the problem, as you now know it’s your current state that’s the real problem here. Give yourself the opportunity to step back, to let go, change focus, to take a deep breathe, perhaps exercise or move your body, have a shower, what ever you need to do to shift your current state. Allow stress to drop and your mind to ease, with this your highest ability to find the solution will return, ready for you to take on life. #wetakeonlife