What separated the Kickstart program from any other was the quality of information provided about the concrete science of how your body responds to diet and exercise. The platform was super user-friendly, and the focus was on how I felt rather than looked or weighed, which was such a crucial change in perspective. The ultimate lesson was the disparity in what I had previously considered a balanced meal to be, versus what my body actually needed, and a depth of clarity was achieved about how to build a meal that keeps my body working and satisfied. The challenges of snacking etc were still prevalent, but the program is realistic, understands this can happen and makes a safe space to be honest whilst reflective about these choices. I lost a total of 10 cm from my frame in 8 weeks. The support from Beth and the team along the way kept me upbeat and motivated, and provided a hugely supportive place to be upfront, ask questions and seek guidance. Thanks so much team, I truly feel so much more positive after Kickstart.