The Life Hub Kickstart program completely transformed the way I view fitness from focussing solely on exercise, to a completely holistic approach, combining exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Over eight weeks the Kickstart program helped me overhaul my existing diet to one of unprocessed, balanced meals and organised meals that fuelled me all day and didn’t have me reaching for the snack cupboard. The meal plans and trackers ensured I always had the right fuel to get the most out of my workouts throughout the week whilst the regular check ins helped me stay on track and motivated. Whilst the physical changes to my body were extremely rewarding, the biggest change I experienced by participating in the Kickstart program is the changes in my mindset and the way I approach setting and achieving my fitness, personal and even professional goals. I have incorporated habits into my daily routine that have left me both mentally and physically fitter and healthier than I have ever been. Thanks guys!