Bodyweight Follow Along Vol. 6

May 21, 2020 | Quarantrain

Got a chair? Got a workout! ?
We’ve got a STRENGTH full body workout just for you. ?
It’s a sweaty date with you and Serge. #BYOChair

It’s a 29 minute EMOM workout with 3 components with 3 exercises in each.
The timer will be set to 9 x 1 minute rounds for each component.
Complete each exercise for reps within the minute and remaining time on the clock is rest.

1A) Reverse Snow Angel 10-12
1B) 1 1/4 Push Up 10-12
1C) Tabletop Crunch 20
2A) Bulgarian Split Squat (L) 10-12
2B) Bulgarian Split Squat (R) 10-12
2C) Hip Raise 20

3A) Bench Step Down (L) 10-12
3B) Bench Step Down (R) 10-12
3C) Tricep Dips 10-12
This won’t have you dripping, but remember the key to strength is resistance. ?
By applying a slower tempo we build strength that goes beyond a workout! ?SAVE this and give it a go or if you know someone who needs a good strength workout in their life! #squad