Bodyweight ?? Strength

May 6, 2020 | Quarantrain

You asked. We answered.
Another strength based workout coming at ya!
Today is a self-guided workout.
We’ll be targeting your whole body hitting legs, glutes, upper and core!

What you’ll need?
✔A chair/bench
✔Some sick tunes (sneaky plug to DJ Sergio’s Spotify Playlist)
So grab your chairs, prepare your body and get ready for this fierce workout.? —
We’ve got 3 components (1, 2, 3) with 3 exercises in each (A, B, C), you’ll complete each exercise back to back for 3 sets.
Rest approx. 20-30 seconds after each exercise to ensure technique and form, while targeting the intended muscles.

1A. 10 ES Slow Step Up 2020
1B. 10 Walkout Pike Push Up
1C. 10 Sit to Stand Squat Jump

2A. 10 ES Narrow Stance Bulgarian Split Squat
2B. 10 Prone swimmer
2C. 10 Chair Burpee

3A. 10 ES Adductor Side Plank
3B. 20 Bicycles
3C. 10 Frog Squat

The video is broken down on our IG, or follow along on FB @lifehubau where you’ll find the full video which can be paused as needed. Click the links below.

We’re loving all your amazing feedback, please keep it coming.
Stay Strong Squad!