Alternate nostril breathing ?

Jun 8, 2020 | Goals

This is an alternative breathing style for you to increase you focus, while decreasing your stress response by improving the efficiency of your breath. ?
Sound too good to be true right? Nope!

Alternate nostril breathing, is a yogic breathing method that is claimed to balance out your cerebral hemisphere activity. ?
What that means in practice according to a number of studies is that it increases your relaxed state and improves your cerebral task specific ability. ? As a massive side benefit, any form of nasal breathing has been shown to increase the oxygen consumption in your lungs as you are breathing against more resistance.

Studies have shown that breathing in through your nose increases oxygen intake by 10-20%!! ✅
This accompanied with the obvious benefits we have been discussing recently with any breathing control of slowing down your stress response means that once you get used to it, this breathing technique is a proper all-rounder!

Follow along in the video or with the instructions below:
? Sit up tall – good posture is essential for this exercise and again, please don’t be driving while trying this!
? Take a few relaxed breath cycles to begin with just to bring yourself to a nice easy spot, if you aren’t, make sure you smile, even inside. This is meant to be enjoyable.
? Place your right hand so you have your ring finger touching the left nostril and your thumb on your right ready to close them
? Use your thumb to block the right nostril, inhale through the left then unblock the right
? Seal the left nostril with your ring finger and breath out the right nostril
? Inhale through the right, then repeat the process on the alternate side

Repeat for at least 3 rounds each side.
Take it easy, it is a little bit more complicated than just breathing. Go for as long as you want.
When you are finished take a regular breath in through both nostrils then out as a sigh through the mouth.
Take the calm from this exercise and spread that and your love to the people around you.
Keep breathing legends!!

Peace, Nathan.