We are on a mission to bring more life to everyday.

We empower our community with a continuum of tools and systems that drive self-understanding and personal progression.

Turning dreams into goals and goals into reality.

Since 2014, Life Hub has been regarded as leaders in the health & wellness industry and are now proudly rated as Australia’s Number 1 independent fitness studio*.

Life Hub – rated as Australia’s No. 1 Independent Fitness Studio.
With over 2000+ reviews of 4.9 stars on MindBody (the worlds largest global business provider software for the health, wellness and beauty industries) and rated as the ‘Most Reputable Fitness Centre in Victoria’ (2019), along with the ‘Best Group Training Provider in Melbourne’ (2018), awarded by the Lux Life Magazine’s Fashion & Lifestyle Awards (238,000+ circulation).

The Life Story

After years of feeling disconnected from his body and thoughts, Chris found himself overweight, unhappy in his own skin and in what he calls a ‘prison of his own making’.

After a tragic chain of events, Chris suffered PTSD and severe anxiety while being medicated.

What started as a personal journey to lose weight, 40kg mind you, and conquer his mental battles, out of the ashes rose the phoenix – Chris’s health and wellness Mecca, Life Hub.

Using his personal struggles and the knowledge he acquired, Chris created the very place he wished was there to support him to get on track.

On the way, he and his team have helped thousands achieve their personal goals through the systems, tools and programs developed by Life Hub.

Over the last one and a half decades, Chris has worked alongside many industry leading brands including Lululemon, MiGoals, Run Melbourne and Monash Hospital, amongst many others.

From store windows, worldly travels to develop and evolve skills and leading mass groups of 25,000 people everything is done with the purpose to help others live a happier, healthier life.

All of this has been brought to the Life Hub approach, developed by Chris, along with a hand selected group of industry leading coaches, driven by science and proven with industry leading results.

Today Chris is a proud father and husband, Body & Mind Coach, a qualified Group Coach and Personal Trainer since 2005, a Neurolinguistic Programming Consultant (GradCert NLP), Exercise Nutrition Coach and of course, the founder of Life Hub.

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