10-1? Bodyweight Challenge

May 26, 2020 | Quarantrain

We’ve got a fiery full body conditioning workout you can do anywhere.
It’s super effective and has a time cap of 20 minutes.

The aim is not to go too hard out but keep a pace you can consistently work through for the duration while keeping form. ?

You’ll do each exercise for 10-1 sequenced.
So you’ll complete 10 full reps exercise A, then 10 of B, then 10 of C, into 9 of each, 8 of each, down to 1.

+ Bodyweight Man Makers
Tip – High plank, row each arm, push up and burpee is a rep.

+ Forward to Reverse Lunge
Tip – We prefer to complete all on one side then the other to make it easy to count reps, forward and back is a rep.
Tabletop Oblique Crunch
Tip – Start with legs at table top and drive elbow to opposite knee, both side is a rep.

This workout is not about smashing yourself for 20 minutes, but keeping a sustainable pace throughout with form and conditioning as focus. 
Your goal is to complete 10-1 of each in 20 minutes.
If you don’t finish in 20 minutes, stop and mark down what you got up to.
This one is a great addition to your weekly or 4 weekly schedule.You can aim to beat your time for the full complex or get further down with your reps within the 20 minute time cap.
Stay strong fam! ✌?